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QuinnEssentials Kits

Your "tubie" will receive a QuinnEssentials kit, containing a specially-adapted backpack, essential supplies, wristbands, and washable tattoos. Currently kits are available through select hospital partnerships. Our current partner is the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital.


QuinnEssentials Backpack

Within each kit, you will receive two ice packs, a syringe, a tubie change kit, two tubie wrist bands and two tubie washable tattoos. The backpack is specially adapted with a hole to thread the feeding tube through. On the inside of the backpack is a velcro loop to keep the pump equipment in place.


Tubie Change Kit

Each change kit contains gauze, lubricating jelly, hand sanitizer, 2 6mL syringes, and 3" of silicone tape.

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